Monday, April 19, 2010

Vanilla butter cake with creamy fruit frosting

Summer calls for a more lighter and refreshing desserts. That's when I tried this frosting. For the vanilla butter cake, refer to 'Sponge cake' recipe. I just wanted to top the usual sponge cake with a refereshing summer-y frosting.
Ingredients for frosting:
1 can of cut up fruits
250 ml fresh cream
2 tb sp gelatin
1/2 cup sugar (this you can alter according to taste)
1/2 cup warm water
Dissolve gelatin in the warm water and keep aside in refrigerator. Whip cream till almost stiff along with the sugar. Remove gelatin from fridge after 10 mins. Guve it a couple of runs in your blender, till it turns creamy. Now add the creamy gelatin into the whipped cream and fold them together. Add about 2 tb sp of the juice from the fruit can. Tip in the fruits, keep a few peices aside for garnish. Now spread, or like i did, slather this mixture on the cake completely. Just randomly place the remaining fruit peices on top of the creamy frosting. Ready to eat, or even better when chilled for an hour or so.
Enjoy! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Apple Crumble

I am possibly the biggest living apple pie fan. I will bake one once I have the pastry down. But for now I had to settle for a crumble pie. Of course my version with tips from a friend who wants to remain anonymous As you can see in the picture I have used a mini pie tin. Just to get it right, this being my first time and all.
1 cup unsalted butter
1 cup flour (maida)
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 tblspn butter
1 green apple (peeled, cored and cut into small pieces)

1 tspn cinnamon powder
3 tbspn powdered sugar
juice of half a lemon
In a nonstick saucepan, bring together butter and sugar. Add the flour in and whisk it. It will thicken and form a dough in a matter of a few seconds. When you see it becomes all thick and dough-like, take it off the heat and keep aside.In another pan heat a spoon of butter, add the apples, cinnamon and sugar. Let it cook for about 5 minutes on low heat(smells devine!) Take it off the heat. Now get your pie tin or any small baking tin. Take a handfull of the dough and line it inside the tin, pressing against the base and walls of it. When done, add the apple mix and top it with the rest of the dough in crumbles. Bake this for 40 mins at 170C or untill golden brown.
Let it cool before you dive in :)
Green apples and cinnamon together is a devine combination. This is a very easy fix for your dessert cravings in the evenings. Best eaten with a cuppa coffee or like me...straight up! ;-)